Friday, February 27, 2015

Tile Tools and The Savvy Contractor

If you’re new to the tile and grout game, you’re going to need to get the right tile tools for your flooring job. There are a lot of tools out there, both off the shelf and from other sources. In this article we will look at some tools you might be using during a normal tile project. Let’s start with tile cutters.
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Tile Cutters and Tile Saws

Tile cutters are one of the most important tiling tools you'll need to complete any tiling job. There are several varieties of tools to cut tile. There are simple wheel type tile cutters, ideal for minor tile work and if you’re on a budget. Then there are also tile saws as well. Tile saws have a great deal of flexibility and precision that a manual tile cutter cannot offer, however, they are also obviously more money and take up more room. As to when you’d want a tile saw as opposed to a manual cutter, that’s easy. If you have a labor intensive tile project, or you’re using something like a thicker tile then you want a tile saw. If you are just cutting a dozen or so tiles to fit, a manual cutter would be your best bet. Another thing to consider is the hardness of the tile you’re working with. You do not want to use a manual cutter for something hard like natural stone or porcelain tile. The amount of force you would need to apply could very well snap the tile that your working with, not cut it cleanly.

How Does a Manual Cutter Work?

How does a manual cutter work? In a way, they are much like one of those old school paper cutters with the lever arm. You align the tile in the guide and pull the lever down. But what about tile saws? Tile saws on the other hand are much like table saws for sawing lumber. They use tempered and hardened circular saw blades. Depending on the model, they either cut from the bottom of the tile up, or from the top of the tile down. Wet saws are the best sort of saws to cut tile because they reduce debris, and they’re great for really hard materials such as stone or porcelain tile. Ultimately, the right tools can make or break your project. If you’re looking online for tile tools, make sure you buy tools that contractors would use. These tile tools are best for any sort of tile project out there.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Contractor Grade Tile Tools For Any Job (Contd.)

There is a big difference between tile tools and contractor grade tile tools
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Contractors and Professional Tile Tools

Continuing from our previous article, here are some more tile tools you may need to complete your tile project.
Tile tools also come in the form of improving the appearance of tile, or extending the tile's lifespan. Polishing equipment will allow you to polish different grades of tile to bring out the natural shine, or improve the appearance. Sanders are also used to help even out different materials, and get tile to the desired finish and texture. No matter where you are laying the tile down, these tools will help enhance the overall appearance, smooth down rough edges, and create a smooth, fine finish once the tile is laid down.

Leveling Systems & Wedgers -
A leveling tool allows you to level the ground you are working on, so that the tiles aren't off balance once installed. Wedgers give you a little extra space, if you want to space the tiles further apart from one another in a room, or on a wall, to add to the decorative style. These tile tools are simple to use, and allow you to customize any project you are working on, to your client's desires, or to a distinct style you are trying to attain in the home.

Grouting Tools

If you need to mix grout, apply grout, or otherwise work with grout in a project, these tile tools will allow you to do so easily. With various mixers, sanders, and other pieces of equipment, you can quickly and easily apply grout to any surface you are working on, in order to ensure the tiles are firmly placed down, and won't come up once they are installed. There are several options to choose from with these tools, based on whether you are working around the home, or if you are working in a larger commercial space performing a large job for a client.

Due to the fact that each individual or company requires different tile tools, for different sized jobs, it is important to know what tools should be used for these tasks. These are a few of the most common tools which will be used, whether it is for home use, or for use in a commercial setting. However, doing the research, comparing different tile tools, different manufacturers, and different companies that sell these tools you are going to be working with, is something that should be done. Doing this allows you to find the best tile tools, find the highest grade tools, and the best prices for the tile tools you need to complete any project around the home, or large commercial job.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Contractor Grade Tile Tools For Any Job

The difference between a tiling fiasco and a successful tiling project is the right tile tools.  That's one reason to select the sort of tile tools that contractors use.

Get professional grade tile tools |844-309-2945 Professional Tile Tools: There is a Difference

Is there a difference between professional tile tools and tools that you can buy at a hardware store or a big box home improvement center?  In a word, yes.  Whether you are working around the home, installing new tiles in the living room or other rooms, or working on a larger commercial job, it is important you have the right tile tools to complete these jobs. For this reason, it is important to know what tile tools are available to complete different jobs, what you will use them for, and how to use them, in order to complete any job. These are a few of the popular tools you will use, whether working at home, or on a big contract for a commercial client.

Saws & Saw Stones -
Tile saws allow you to cut through larger piece of tile, so you can place the smaller pieces on a tight corner or edge, or to a smaller space. Saw stones will make cutting the tile a bit easier, with the heavy power electric motor, allowing you to cut through stone, granite, and other grades of tile with the slightest of ease. Of course you have to purchase the right tile and stone blades, based on the type of tile you are working with and want to cut through. So, it important to know what type of blade is required, to get any job done.

Cutters & Nippers -
Another popular set of tile tools are cutters and nippers. A professional grade, ball-bearing cutter can easily cut through the largest, thickest tile, allowing you to get the desired size when working with different types of tiles. Tile nippers also allow you to work with smaller pieces of tile, or cut through smaller portions, if working at home. These tile tools will make it easier to perfectly fit a piece of tile you have to cut, whether it is on a wall, floor, or any other surface you are laying the tile down onto. 

Contractors and Tile Tools

If you think about it, it makes sense to get contractor-grade tile tools.  After all, how many times do you see contractors buying cheap tools?  They can't.  Their very livelihood depends on them doing the job right the first time.  Are tools the only thing you need to put down tile?  We'll cover this more in a future article.

Not at all.  You do need a bit of knowledge.  You also need a lot of time.  But in addition to this you need to have professional tile tools available to use.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tile Tools and The Modern Contractor Contd.

Continuing points from our previous article, this article will cover more on tile saws and tile tools in general.

Saws, Tile Tools, and Tiling Systems

Light and portable tile saws are recommended as tile tools for contractors who work on small projects. On the other hand, if you have a large project and you need a lot of cutting to be done, then it might be for the best to use the wet tile saws. Often times, the purpose of the project dictates the actual choosing of the tools.

Another popular category of tile tools is the one of blades. When choosing blades for your saw, you have to think about the quality of the tile cutting. You need your saw to guarantee a crisp or an aesthetic look; otherwise, you will be disappointed with the quality of the cutting. There are two main types of blades available; the first is for wet saws, while the second is recommended for dry saws. The wet blades are for the saws that function with the help of water, the risk of over-heating being reduced. These saws are useful tile tools for contractors, allowing one to cut granite, porcelain or marble with increased precision. Dry blades have a small diameter and they are mainly recommended for the cutting of granite and porcelain.

Tile Cutters and Installation

Other popular categories include: tile cutters and nippers, tile tools that are recommended when installing a shower, polishing and profiling equipment, tile grouting tools, leveling systems, spacers, wedges, drilling tiles tools and accessories. As there are many choices to be made, it is for the best to make a list with all the tools that you may need and then add them to your shopping cart, one by one. If you are not certain which tools you should purchase, then use the Internet and research for a little while. 

It might also help to talk with contractors who are more experienced. They will help you choose the right tile tools for contractors. The next time you find yourself online, you will know for certain what kind of tools you need for a specific project. And the great thing is that you have all of the tools in just one place, meaning online. No more running from store to store, trying to get everything on the list!

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