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What are some of the best tile saw models in the market today. Let’s find out:

A Professional Grade Tile Saw is Crucial for Cutting Tile |
Tile Saws: The "Cutting Edge" of Technology

Husqvarna Super Tilematic TS 250 XL3 Wet Tile Saw SKIL 3540-02 4.2-Amp 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw-
This is apparently one of the best models with innovative features that are easy, reliable, and safe for use. By using the wet tile cutter, it can be by far easy to cut whatever shapes of your tiles. 
Carbide-tipped Hole saw
You will probably need to cut some holes in your tile especially when you bump into a faucet or shower-head. Carbide-tipped hole saw lets you drill holes through softer tiles and ceramic materials. Using your preferred drill fitted with the hole accessory, simply press the saw a bit and make a certain circular movement without starting the drilling. 

You will apparently hear a little cracking sound as the drill part digs the hole. As you proceed making this circular movement slowly, gently squeeze the trigger until the hole saw starts to dig into the tile. Once it begins to drill in, straighten up the bit and then drill through the tile while gradually spraying the drill bit continually with water in order to keep it cool. Remember, the drilling progress generates significant amount of heat.

Master Cut 3/5 HP Wet Saw
This is another incredible model with a diamond blade of about 7 inches and a direct drive motor of 3/5 HP. These features are significant as they make it applicable to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles. 

With Master Cut 3/5 HP Wet Saw, you can easily work in small and constricted spaces because it is compact sized. If you wish to cut the larger tiles you can as well utilize the open table design. 

Diamond-tipped Porcelain Hole saw
This model is almost similar to the carbide-tipped counterpart. It is specially designed for cutting into porcelain and several other harder tiles such as Granite. The process for making the way into the tile is also identical. 

For Small Projects: Tile Cutters and Tile Nippers

Tile Nipper
If you have a few tiles to notch, you might probably consider utilizing a tile nipper. With a tile nipper, you will need to use a score and nip approach. You may not end up with a nice clean cut, though, and the finished products may not look that good unless they are covered up. Therefore, my genuine advice is to only utilize this model specifically for scoring tiles around pipe equipment that will later be covered with some decorative plates. 

There are several types of tile saws available in the contemporary market. You can select the most suitable tool for your future use. Furthermore, there are many companies selling tile saws, some allows clients to rent their tile tools. You can as well save some cash so you can acquire the most suitable tool for your next project(s)

Ultimately, as we covered in our previous article, the right tile tools can make all the difference in the world for your tile project.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Professional Tile Tools: The Right Brands and How to Find Them

When you are looking for professional grade tile tools, consider several pieces of information.
Get a professional tile cutting tool for a project like this

Professional Tile Tools:  What's Your Budget?  

For example, if you're searching for a professional tile cutting tool, how much should you spend or can you spend? With several brands available in the contemporary market, at times it could be a daunting task to find the best one for your intended purpose.

The best quality and the price tag are some key things you’ve got to consider before you settle on the best tile saw. Can online reviews help? Well, online reviews and customer commentaries will definitely reduce your work, but not all people have enough time to read customer reviews and comments on the web. First and foremost, ensure that you’re well-versed with your budget, this helps you find whatever you need without much hassles.

Buying a Tile Saw:  Keep Your Job in Mind

If you need a tile saw for one time use, you don’t have to buy the most luxurious one. However, if you’re a business person, or you need to invest in a professional wet saw, a tile saw is something you’re considering. When acquiring a consistent and potent tool that that will not easily break, you’ll find it quite handy. How to find the right tool A good number of buyers do not really know how to choose the right tile saw. The first thing you need to consider is the power.

A bigger engine with more horsepower will certainly help reduce the work. You’ll get several options to cut stone, ceramics, or masonry. Secondly, you’ll need to check the size of the blade as it’s also vital. If you need a professional appearance of a good clean cut, a wet saw may be required. When it comes to diamond blades, a little stream is a necessity. With a wet tile saw, you can simply go hard. Upon completion, you’ll also be able to clean up everything with a lot of ease. Lastly, and very important, when you’re choosing a tile cutter, you’ve to consider the overall size of the task and the types of materials to be cut (area and thickness). This will help you to determine the specifications and functionality to look for in your tile cutter. For moderately small projects using porcelain or ceramic tile, a snap cutter can do the job very well. However, for larger objects that might require detailed cuts, you may be obliged to consider a more powerful tile saw so you can make the job easier.

Ultimately, you want to get the right tool for the job.  So remember, know your budget, and then also know the job you need it for.  That way you know that you've picked the right professional grade tile tool.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tiling Projects: The Importance Of Buying Professional Grade Tools (Contd.)

Most people often avoid buying contractor grade tools for their tiling projects so as to try and save some cash. However, in the end most end up losing more money than what they saved when buying low-quality tools.
Get Beautiful Results on Your Tiling Project-
Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Financial Tip: Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools

When using cheap tools, you will probably end up damaging more tiles than you would have when using professional grade tiling tools. Also, you will not install your tiles correctly, and you may be forced to redo the tiling in the near future. To avoid this, you should do it well the first time by buying contractor grade tools. · Ease of use You do not have to be a professional tiling contractor to be able to use tile tools effectively as they are extremely easy to use. Provided you know how to install tiles you will have little to no trouble using these tools. For example, to use a contractor grade diamond tile cutter, all you need to do is to power it up and position the tiles correctly. This shows that the only skill that you will require to this tools is basic tile flooring skills. · Faster and smarter project completion Time is of great importance when doing any projects and so the faster you can complete the job the better. When using a professional grade tool like, for example, a tile power saw you will be able to cut and shape a large number of tiles at a go. This will directly increase the speed with which you finish the project.

Contractor Grade Tile Tools are Durable

Some companies will often give you a lifetime guarantee for the tiling tools you buy, especially with tools such as tile saws. This not only shows that the company is confident with the quality of the tools but also that they are sure that the tools will last for a very long time.

When you buy a professional grade tiling tool like a tile cutter, you will not need to buy another one for very many years to come. These tools are so durable that in most cases the only reason that you may need to replace them is the need to upgrade to newer or modern tools.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tiling Projects: The Importance Of Buying Professional Grade Tools

Tiling projects are one of many things that you can do to make your home look amazing. Buying beautiful furniture, doing a good paint job, complementing colors are just some of the many others. However, if your home doesn't have a sharp looking floor all your efforts to make it beautiful will be in vain as there will still be something missing.
Professional Grade Tile Tools Separates Amateur
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Why You Should Only Use Contractor Grade Tile Tools

While there are many flooring options you can choose from, tile flooring is probably the best due to a number of factors including cost, durability and ease of installation.  These floors are also easy to clean up too.   If you decide to go with tile floors, there are some important decisions that you will have to make. First you will have to choose the type of tiles you want and the colors you want.

Secondly and most importantly you will have to get the right tools for the job. You can buy the best tiles in the market but if you do not have the right tools for the job you will not be able to install them properly. For all your tiling projects to be a success, it is highly recommended that you buy professional grade tile tools.

What are Professional or Contractor Grade Tile Tools?

What are professional or contractor grade tile tools?Just like the name suggests this are the tiling tools that are used by professionals in this field like tiling contractors. They are different tools that are specially designed and manufactured for tile flooring. And sometimes, tile tools are discounted if your supplier is having a sale.  What sets them apart from the other tools that are used for the same job is the quality that you get and the speed of project completion. There are very many types of professional grade tools, but they can be broadly classified into three categories. · The tools that you will use to prepare the surface and the tiles for tiling. · The tools that you will use for laying the tiles. · And the third category consists of those used immediately after laying the tiles. Why is it important to use professional grade tools? · They will save you money

How can professional grade tile tools save you money? First off, since these tools are specifically designed for tiling projects, you have a better chance of getting professional results the first time instead of having to do an amateur job and having to get a pro to come in and fix the damage later.  So remember, start with contractor grade tile tools.

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