Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What are some of the best tile saw models in the market today. Let’s find out:

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Tile Saws: The "Cutting Edge" of Technology

Husqvarna Super Tilematic TS 250 XL3 Wet Tile Saw SKIL 3540-02 4.2-Amp 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw-
This is apparently one of the best models with innovative features that are easy, reliable, and safe for use. By using the wet tile cutter, it can be by far easy to cut whatever shapes of your tiles. 
Carbide-tipped Hole saw
You will probably need to cut some holes in your tile especially when you bump into a faucet or shower-head. Carbide-tipped hole saw lets you drill holes through softer tiles and ceramic materials. Using your preferred drill fitted with the hole accessory, simply press the saw a bit and make a certain circular movement without starting the drilling. 

You will apparently hear a little cracking sound as the drill part digs the hole. As you proceed making this circular movement slowly, gently squeeze the trigger until the hole saw starts to dig into the tile. Once it begins to drill in, straighten up the bit and then drill through the tile while gradually spraying the drill bit continually with water in order to keep it cool. Remember, the drilling progress generates significant amount of heat.

Master Cut 3/5 HP Wet Saw
This is another incredible model with a diamond blade of about 7 inches and a direct drive motor of 3/5 HP. These features are significant as they make it applicable to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles. 

With Master Cut 3/5 HP Wet Saw, you can easily work in small and constricted spaces because it is compact sized. If you wish to cut the larger tiles you can as well utilize the open table design. 

Diamond-tipped Porcelain Hole saw
This model is almost similar to the carbide-tipped counterpart. It is specially designed for cutting into porcelain and several other harder tiles such as Granite. The process for making the way into the tile is also identical. 

For Small Projects: Tile Cutters and Tile Nippers

Tile Nipper
If you have a few tiles to notch, you might probably consider utilizing a tile nipper. With a tile nipper, you will need to use a score and nip approach. You may not end up with a nice clean cut, though, and the finished products may not look that good unless they are covered up. Therefore, my genuine advice is to only utilize this model specifically for scoring tiles around pipe equipment that will later be covered with some decorative plates. 

There are several types of tile saws available in the contemporary market. You can select the most suitable tool for your future use. Furthermore, there are many companies selling tile saws, some allows clients to rent their tile tools. You can as well save some cash so you can acquire the most suitable tool for your next project(s)

Ultimately, as we covered in our previous article, the right tile tools can make all the difference in the world for your tile project.

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