Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Contractor Grade Tile Tools 101 (Contd.)

Contractor grade tile tools are more than durable, they are also fairly easy to use.

A Grouting Float is Just One Example
of Contractor Grade Tile Tools |

What is the Difference Between Regular and Contractor Grade Tile Tools?  

First off, the amount of time that you can use them successfully.  They are also a lot easier to use.  For example if you buy contractor grade tile tools they will be easy to grip without the handle sliding around in your hands or being too wide to fit easily in the palm of your hand.

You might laugh because your hands aren't exactly petite, but you'd be surprised by how many times somebody injured themselves because they couldn't keep a good grip on the tools that they were using. That sort of thing tends to negate the positive benefits of doing the work yourself. It's a safety issue so, whenever you get a chance while shopping for tile tools, pick one up to make sure it's not going to slide out of your hands or become a hazard when you get sweaty palms.

Grout Tools and Grout Lines

One example that you should consider is grout. Now, granted, grout might not be what you think of as a tool as such, but this is basically what holds the tile together when you're handling jobs like redoing the tile in your shower. You're probably not buying the totally cheap stuff because you want it to actually do the job of holding the tiles together.   You will also want a professional grade grouting tool as well.

Some contractors prefer un-sanded grout because it's less likely to scratch polished tiles, easier to work with and stickier than the sanded variety, making it a better option for handling vertical tiles when the grout line is less than 1/8” wide. Basically, it's efficient when you're working with it and strong enough to hold tiles together when the lines aren't very wide. For grout lines wider than 1/8”, though, the grout should be sanded to avoid damage caused by grout shrinkage. When the lines are too wide for the un-sanded version, you want to go for the durability of sanded grout so the tiled panels don't start falling apart because the grout shrank. Choosing tile tools should be a lot like choosing the grout you use. You choose the best for the job and, in cases where you want to make sure you're handling a large job well, that will mean contractor grade.

Ultimately, if you're doing a tiling project, the right tools can make all of the difference in how well your project goes off.  If you go cheap and buy lower grade tools, you'll likely end up with a lower grade tiling project.  However, if you buy contractor grade tile tools, you can expect professional results.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Contractor Grade Tile Tools 101

When you are starting a tiling project, the right tools make all the difference.
Before starting a tiling project, get the right tile tools | 844-309-2945

Why Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools?

Are you the one who handles most of the maintenance and home improvement projects around the house? I bet this saves you a lot of money on contractors. It's pretty sweet to know that you can rely on your own skills and create good-looking projects without shelling out a ton of money for the job. However, if this sounds like you, you should never skimp on the tile tools you use if you want your projects to come out looking like something that was professionally done. Contractor grade tile tools can really save you a lot of aggravation when you're in the middle of a project that involves your tiling.

Four Things To Look For When Choosing Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Sturdiness: Most tile is made out of very hard substances such as stone, ceramic, metal or glass. You'll have to cut your own tile at some point in the project, which means that you'll want tools that are sharp and sturdy enough to avoid not only messy and uneven cuts, but also a dangerous situation where a sharp tool might break in your hands because it wasn't sturdy enough.Durability: When you're dealing with materials like tile, you'll also have to deal with the fact that tools can wear out over time. You may have even been through that before when you were in the middle of a DIY project, a cheap power tool stopped functioning, and you had to go buy another one before you could finish. You should keep contractor grade tile tools on hand that are durable enough to finish the job and keep around for the next time you want to handle a job that involves tile without giving you a problem.

Efficiency: You want tile tools that can help you get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. This means tools that have a good efficiency rating so you won't face the embarrassment of explaining what took you so long to cut or lay the tile.Strength: Many tools for handling projects that involve tile are basically machines that are designed to enhance human effort. Tools can actually break because the person using them was trying to use them for a job that they weren't strong enough for. That means choosing tools that can keep up with the job regardless of how much tile needs to be used in that particular job.

We will continue this list in a future article, but for now, know that you want to get contractor grade tile tools.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools (Conclusion)

There is a difference between tools that you buy and contractor grade tile tools that you can buy online. What's the difference? Well, read on.
Travertine Tile is Just Type that You Can Use
Contractor Grade Tile Tools On |

Contractor Grade Tile Tools Are Accurate And Precise

We can't state this enough. If you want precision cuts and accurate placement of your tile, then tools that you bought from some discount tile shop will not give you the same results as contractor grade tile tools that you can buy online will. If handled properly, these tools can help you to produce attractive and professional results.

For instance, tile cutters, which are popular contractor grade tile tools, are extremely sharp. They are capable of cutting through thick and large tiles efficiently and accurately, allowing you to get your desired tile size irrespective of the type of material the tiles are made of. Similarly, tile nippers work efficiently to remove irregular shapes on tiles, thereby ensuring that all your tiles have a uniform shape.

Contractor Grade Tile Tools May Help You Avoid Injuries

If you value your health and life, then you should make a conscious decision to use only the right tools for your tiling projects. Spending your money on professional grade tools that are durable, reliable and efficient will go a long way in eliminating the risk of getting injured while working. For instance, when you’re working on a hard surface, your knees are bound to get hurt if you don’t protect yourself appropriately.

Using a contractor grade rolling knee board will not just protect your knees, but will also increase the rate at which you work. In other words, it will make you more efficient, while at the same time protecting you from harm. On the same note, if your favorite pair of gloves aren’t contractor-grade, then you need to consider upgrading them to offer maximum protection to your hands while working. A good pair of gloves should be durable and well-insulated without making the hands too sweaty. As a homeowner who only does occasional DIY projects, you may argue that only contractors need all these professional grade tools because their job is their livelihood, but that’s shouldn’t be the case. All lives matter, whether you’re a contractor or not, so protect yourself and life by using the right tools at all times. Overall, contractor grade tile tools are durable, reliable strong and efficient, and will never let you down like their low-quality counterparts. With these tools, you’re assured of getting high-quality results in all your tile projects. So remember. You want your home to look its best. One way is to get contractor grade tile tools.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools (Contd.)

Are contractor grade tile tools required for a tile project?  That depends on the answers to a few questions.

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Do You Want a Tile Project to Look Professional?

Do you want a professional looking tile project?  If yes, then that's where professional grade tile tools come in.

Using contractor grade tile tools for your tile projects can help you save lots of time.   As you may already know, laying down tiles can be really long and tiring, especially when you’re working on a big surface. Besides, you need to be very careful during the whole process to avoid leaving too much space between the tiles, or overlapping them. But, the good news is that contractor tiling tools can help you to get the job done faster compared to ordinary tools, while ensuring high-quality results. They are designed specifically to make your job easier, which in turn enables you to finish your projects within a short period of time.

What are we talking about? An ordinary pair of kneepads will certainly protect your knees while tiling your floor, but only for a short time because they aren’t that long-lasting. Besides, they’re more likely to irritate your skin, causing you to take more breaks (and waste too much time) as you work. However, contractor grade kneepads are more durable and comfortable on the skin and are less likely to cause any irritation. As a result, you’ll be able to work faster because you require fewer breaks.

Contractor Grade Tile Tools Help To Save Lots of Money In The Long Run

Getting high-quality services from contractors is important for many homeowners in any home improvement project. And if they can save money in the process, that’s even better. No wonder some people opt to do everything themselves as opposed to hiring professionals in a bid to save money on labor costs. Yes, you can save money on DIY projects, but only if you have the required skills and proper tile tools to do the job right. Professional grade tile tools can help you to accomplish your tiling project properly and quickly, while protecting you from harm.

With proper care, you’ll be able to use the same tools for your projects, and reap the same benefits over and over again. With no costly DIY mistakes that require repairs, injuries or tools breaking down in the middle of work, you’ll be able to save lots of cash in the long run.  Start by buying only the best.  Buy contractor grade tile tools today.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Buying contractor grade tile tools makes all the difference in the world for your tile project.
Contractor Grade Tile Tools Makes Your Tile Project
Look Professionally Done | 844-309-2945

Contractor Grade Tile Tools Are Durable And Reliable

Whether you’re working on a big tiling project or simply remodeling your bathroom floor, you want your tiles to look their best, or the whole project will be meaningless. The best way to achieve high-quality results is by using the right tools at all times. By this, I mean using the best contractor grade tile tools available in the market. Unfortunately, some Do-It-Yourselfers are often tempted to buy cheap and low-quality tile tools in a bid to save money on their tile projects but don’t do it.

Why? Because you will only end up wasting your precious time and hard-earned money. And as if that is not enough, the quality of your work will be below standard. This is why it’s very important that you use the right tools for all your tile projects. Here are some key reasons that will motivate you to buy only contractor grade tile tools.

Why Professional Tiles Work the Best

Tiles are usually made of ceramic, glass, metal and stone. When cutting them, you need tools that are not just strong, but also extremely sharp to avoid getting messy edges. In addition, tiles come in various sizes and shapes, with the square and rectangular shapes being the most common. Depending on the nature of your project, you may need to cut your tiles into smaller sizes to make them fit properly.

Using ordinary tile saws found in your local hardware store for this job won’t help you much, so don’t waste your money on them. Just like all other low-quality products, these saws will give up on you after only a few runs. On the other hand, contractor grade tile saws will enable you to cut through large tiles quickly and with ease. They have high-powered electric motors that enable them to cut through strong materials such as metal, stone and granite easily. These professional tools are stronger, and more durable and efficient than their low-grade counterparts. Hence, you can rely on them to carry out all your tiling projects without fail. We will cover this topic in a future article as well.

So remember, you want y out tiling project to look its best. Short of hiring a tiling company to install your tile for you, the best way to do it yourself is to get the right tools, namely contractor grade tile tools.

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