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Why Contractor Grade Tile Tools Are Worth It (Contd.)

Contractor grade tile tools are a little more money, but they make all the difference in the world. And, really, the greatest cost for any tiling job is always the materials. Spending a little more on your tools will save you money on the project as a whole, as you won’t have to make another trip to the store for more tile.
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Tile Cutters and Professional Grade Tile Tools

Furthermore, higher quality tile cutters will be able to handle a greater variety of tile shapes, allowing you to get creative with the job. So whether you want to use a wet saw or piano cutter, hand held or overhead, it always pays to go with contractor grade tools.

Grouting Tools
Grouting – and, if you’re re-tiling, removing grout – is one of the more tedious parts of any tiling projects. With the right tools, this phase will go quickly and look great when it’s done. Not all grout floats are created equal. With the right grade of rubber, you’re much more likely to avoid scratching or staining your new tiles as you spread the grout and clean it away. For tiles with larger grooves, a good striking tool is indispensable for making the grout look smooth and concave.

Professional Grade Tile Tools and Removing Grout

Grout is like the icing on the cake: the tiles may look great, but if the grouting is done poorly, the room will look terrible. There is no better way to ruin the aesthetic of a room than having lines that aren’t level: if it’s at all visible it will look sloppy, and if it’s bad enough, the tiles won’t fit the scheme. To ensure straight lines, do what contractors do: use a laser level. Bubble levels may work for hanging a photo on the wall, but for something as important as your tiling, spend the money, and do it right.

The removal of grout is more dependent on the tools you use, particularly if you installed it well the first time. A good grout removal fitting for an oscillating drill will be able to get into more places than its low-grade counterpart. In this sense, getting a reliable contractor-grade tool can replace more than one consumer-grade tool.

Above all else, you want the best tools for whatever your tiling project is.  Whether those tools are diamond tools or simple cutters, go for the best.


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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why Contractor Grade Tile Tools Are Worth It

Why are contractor grade tile tools so important? Well, it's all in the sort of job that you want done regarding your tiling project, even if you are doing it on your own.
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Tile Projects and Professional Grade Tile Tools

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from taking care of a home renovation project on your own. It’s not just about saving money by circumventing the need to hire a contractor: it’s also about the independence of being able to take control of your own home. If you’ve got the know-how and the tile tools at your disposal, you can turn a home repair or renovation into a fulfilling and rewarding personal project. If you’ve ever taken on one of the projects, you know you know how important the tools that you use for the project are.

If you’re re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen, you can save a little money by getting low level consumer-grade tools, but you’re actually better off spending some of the money you save doing it yourself on professional, contractor-grade tile tools. This will ensure that the work is done precisely and effectively, and you won’t need to redo the work earlier than necessary. If you think about the kinds of tile tools you’ll be using to re-tile your bathroom or kitchen, in each case it becomes obvious why going for contractor-grade is the right choice for the job. Not only will the finished work look better and last longer, contractor-grade tile tools also tend to resist wear and tear much better than their low end counterparts, allowing you to use them for many years.

Tile Cutters and Tiling Projects: A Beginner's Guide

The foundation of any tiling job is the tile cutter. The quality of tile cutter that you have will determine the quality of the lines you cut, and the speed at which you can get through the work. A contractor-grade tile cutter will make accurate and straight cuts, ensuring that your tiles fit well into the scheme. The high-quality blades that professional tile cutters sport will also break far fewer tiles—some consumer-grade cutters will break as many 90% of tiles of certain materials!

That means you’ll be able to work through the tiling project more quickly, finishing the project sooner and saving money on materials. So remember, even if you're doing it yourself, you want your tiling project to look like it was done by a professional contractor. The best way to accomplish this? Buy contractor grade tile tools.

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Tile Contractors and Tile Installation Projects

Professional tile contractors know what tile tools to use for a tile installation project.
Glass tiles are just one tiling project that benefits from
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Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Tile tools are fairly diverse, even among contractor grade tile tools. There are dozens if not hundreds of tile tools out there. These tools can be classified into a few main groups, however. The first tool to consider is a trowel. What a lot of people don't know about trowels is that they only really have a few sizes. How do you find the proper trowel size? To select the right right size trowel, it is merely a matter of corresponding the size of the trowel to the size of the tile. A small trowel must be used for small tiles.

Larger tiles require the use of a larger trowel. You may need a different trowel size than what you're thinking about based on exactly where you're going to fit your tile, however. Floors, particularly high traffic locations, require thicker grout than other areas such as ceilings, backsplashes, or walls. In addition, any surface that is angled needs thicker grout as well. If you're a tiling contractor you will need a bigger trowel for these sort of projects. In some cases, however, you may need to use a grout float

A grout float is a hard rubber pad with a handle on one side. Grout is the mortar that goes between the tiles, locking them together. You use the float to spread the grout out and force it into the cracks and channels between tiles. Because it's made of rubber, the float won't scratch or chip the face of the tiles. While it is important to pick the right trowel or other tool for applying grout, you want to make sure that you also get tools for the tile itself, such as a tile saw.

Info on Tile Saws

Like a trowel, a tile saw should be chosen based on the type of tile that is to be used in the project. Stone tile obviously needs a tougher saw than ceramic or porcelain tile. Glass tiles, like the ones pictured above require a bit of finesse whichever tool you're using or you can chip or crack the tiles.   When using any type of tile saw, safety goggles must be worn at all times. Most tile saws are power saws and using water, are designed especially for cutting tile. Wet tile saws are the most efficient way to cut tile. A wet tile saw uses a water source, usually something like a hose, and there must be another outlet for waste water also. Use a bucket to capture the water. It's important to know that the bucket should be under the saw, or the water will not drain properly. Before you use a tile saw, measure the area twice and make certain that you have the tile, grout, and mortar necessary for your job. Ultimately, whether your tile project is a success or failure depends on the tools that you select. The best tools to pick are contractor grade tiling tools

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Professional Grade Tile Tools for the Contractor in US All

Professional grade tile tools aren't just for contractors.  Now the rest of us have access to them as well.  

Professional Grade Tile Tools
Deliver Professional
Why Buy Professional Grade Tile Tools?

For many of us homeowners who have home improvement projects that need to be done we, more often than not, find ourselves wanting to do our own improvements rather than hiring a contractor to perform them. There are all sorts of home improvements that come into play when you own a home and one of the most challenging and definitely difficult home improvement projects is that of laying tile. Tiling is by far one of the most tedious and time consuming projects to undertake. However, the key to a successful tiling project truly lies within the tile tools used to perform this complex task and the individual's ability to property utilize the tools to their specific capacity.

With so many tile tools available on the market today, many of which are versatile in their performance capabilities, it is imperative that you avoid purchasing and using substandard tools to perform this very tedious project. It is best to use contractor grade tile tools that will provide for a more efficient and professional installation. As is the case with any project, the accessibility and usage of proper resources and tools makes for a top of the line successful final project.

Buying Tile Tools Online

Contractor grade tile tools are useful products that afford the consumer the most state of the art tools needed for any size of tiling project. There are an array of specific tile tools that should be on hand before beginning your tile project that will ultimately allow you to efficiently perform the install with the utmost confidence and professionalism. Here are some of the most important tile tools to purchase and have on hand and the function each will play during your tiling project.

A wet tile saw - Let's face it; for those of you who know anything about tools this is the one all-important tile tool that everyone needs when laying tile. This wet tile saw will cut right through the most stubborn of materials including porcelain, stone tile, and ceramic with little to no effort at all.

There are other tools of course.  However, the most important thing to remember here is that tile tools are not all the same.  When in doubt, always go for professional grade tile tools.

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Contractor Grade Tile Tools: Shaping and Cutting Tile

Professional grade tile tools are something you should consider for any tiling project.  
Installing glass tiles is just one project that can
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Tiling and Contractor Grade Tile Tools

What is tiling and how to do it properly the first time? One way is to use contractor grade tile tools.  Tiling is a way of placing shapes that are the same so that when you are all done an area is completely covered without having anything overlap each other, in other words it is any surface that is covered by tile. The surfaces can include a floor, a counter, a wall, a shower and plenty of others. You can either hire a professional to do the job or you can do it yourself. At first it may seem like doing tiling on your own is a lot to take on but once you get started you will quickly realize that it is a lot easier than what you previously thought. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Tile Tools

You need to just be sure that you have all of the proper tools and materials to complete the job from start to finish; if you stop in the middle it won’t turn out right, like with putting wood floors down you need to get it all done in one shot and let it sit too dry before use. Contractor grade tile tools are the best kind to go with and are easy to find .

Years and years ago tiling was considered to be like a secret of sorts; only a few people knew how to do and learned through several years of working in the trade. Now there are stores all over that only sell tiles and tiling tools and most of their customers are people who own their own homes and are doing the work themselves. Tile is best used on surfaces that need to resistant to water as well as insanely durable; a few other areas where you could use tile include but are not limited to the following of entry ways, offices and kitchens.

Since more and more people are doing tiling on their own it is best to always use contractor grade tile tools; first you need to figure out what all that entails. You may think that there are a lot of tools and materials used in the process of tiling but that is the farthest thing from the truth; you don’t need many tools at all and the ones that you do need are really easy to use. Mainly you will need a tile cutter, a pair of nippers, a notched trowel and some grout.  But most of all you need professional grade tile tools.  

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