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Tile Contractors and Tile Installation Projects

Professional tile contractors know what tile tools to use for a tile installation project.
Glass tiles are just one tiling project that benefits from
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Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Tile tools are fairly diverse, even among contractor grade tile tools. There are dozens if not hundreds of tile tools out there. These tools can be classified into a few main groups, however. The first tool to consider is a trowel. What a lot of people don't know about trowels is that they only really have a few sizes. How do you find the proper trowel size? To select the right right size trowel, it is merely a matter of corresponding the size of the trowel to the size of the tile. A small trowel must be used for small tiles.

Larger tiles require the use of a larger trowel. You may need a different trowel size than what you're thinking about based on exactly where you're going to fit your tile, however. Floors, particularly high traffic locations, require thicker grout than other areas such as ceilings, backsplashes, or walls. In addition, any surface that is angled needs thicker grout as well. If you're a tiling contractor you will need a bigger trowel for these sort of projects. In some cases, however, you may need to use a grout float

A grout float is a hard rubber pad with a handle on one side. Grout is the mortar that goes between the tiles, locking them together. You use the float to spread the grout out and force it into the cracks and channels between tiles. Because it's made of rubber, the float won't scratch or chip the face of the tiles. While it is important to pick the right trowel or other tool for applying grout, you want to make sure that you also get tools for the tile itself, such as a tile saw.

Info on Tile Saws

Like a trowel, a tile saw should be chosen based on the type of tile that is to be used in the project. Stone tile obviously needs a tougher saw than ceramic or porcelain tile. Glass tiles, like the ones pictured above require a bit of finesse whichever tool you're using or you can chip or crack the tiles.   When using any type of tile saw, safety goggles must be worn at all times. Most tile saws are power saws and using water, are designed especially for cutting tile. Wet tile saws are the most efficient way to cut tile. A wet tile saw uses a water source, usually something like a hose, and there must be another outlet for waste water also. Use a bucket to capture the water. It's important to know that the bucket should be under the saw, or the water will not drain properly. Before you use a tile saw, measure the area twice and make certain that you have the tile, grout, and mortar necessary for your job. Ultimately, whether your tile project is a success or failure depends on the tools that you select. The best tools to pick are contractor grade tiling tools

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