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Let's Talk About Tile Tools For Professionals (Conclusion)

Contractor grade tile tools are just one part of a successful tiling project. You also want to know some good tiling tips as well.
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Contractor Grade Tile Tools: Buy The Right Type of Grout First

So you've heeded our advice and bought yourself some professional grade tile tools. Give yourself a pat on the back! Time to get tiling? Almost. You've come a long way but there's one more point to consider.

Here's a tip from a professional tiling contractor. It may sound obvious, but make sure you choose the right type of grout. You need to make sure you've got the right type of grout. You wouldn't fill a petrol-fuelled Mercedes with diesel, would you? Grout is used for a multitude of joining functions needed for construction work. For tiling purposes, grout is the material that we use to seal joints between tiles and is made up of a mixture of water, cement, sand and sometimes also color tint and fine gravel.

Grout is different to other joint pastes because it creates a waterproof seal, making it ideal for connecting tiles on floors and walls. It comes in three main forms: unsanded, sanded and epoxy. Unsanded grout is used for grout lines smaller than 1/8 inch in width. It is also the easiest to work with on vertical surfaces because it is more sticky than other types of grout. Sanded grout is more versatile and can be used for any grout size larger than 1/8 inch. As the name suggests, sanded grout has fine sand added to it which stops it from shrinking too much while it cures. Watch out, though, this type of grout is rougher on your hands than the unsanded variety. Epoxy grout is made out of epoxy resins and filler powder. It is very durable and also stain-proof. It is stronger than other types of grout but can be tricky to get it set up in a grout joint compared to others and it can cost up to five times as much as standard grouts. Now that we've given you some information about grout, how about grouting tools?

Grouting Tile Tools

A grout float is one tool you'll need for your tile project. Make sure you have one of these as part of the collection of professional grade tile tools you will need.

Always make sure that you do your prep work before you start a tiling project. One of the best things you can do is buy contractor grade tile tools.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Let's Talk About Tile Tools For Professionals (Contd.)

There are several reasons to buy contractor grade tile tools.  One of the best ones is you get more value for your money.  

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Contractor Grade Tile Tools Are Both Safe and Valuable 

Contractor grade tile tools offer much better value for the money than any cheaper alternatives. Why? Ok, the initial outlay is bigger and it will seem like a lot to pay up in one go, but there are other important factors to consider. Consider your purchase as an investment.

As we've already discussed,better tools will give you better results in a fraction of the time. If tiling is your profession, this increases your earning potential significantly. More projects and better quality work will lead to the additional investment in professional grade tile tools paying for themselves in no time. Then there's the small issue of resale value. Professional quality tools maintain a much higher value for longer durations of time should you choose to sell. If you buy your kit with the specific purpose of tiling parts of your home, you may well reach the point where you decide to cash in and sell it second hand. You'll struggle to even give away a rusty and tattered cheap set of tile tools, but a well maintained, contractor grade set of equipment will work like new for many years and also command a high price when you decide to part company with it. 

Safety: Another Reason for Professional Tile Tools

Last, but certainly not least, tile tools for professionals are far safer to use than anything you could buy down the local garden center.   They are also high quality items, like porcelain blades, saws, and other tools that you could use for a project.

One of the best ways to buy tile tools is online.   Whether you use tile tools on a daily basis or just for DIY work, losing a finger is always going to ruin your afternoon. Of course, you can't just rely on your tools to stay safe. You could use the most expensive tools in the world and still injure yourself if you decided to down a bottle of whisky before getting started. Assuming, however, that you work in a careful and sensible manner, you need your tools to stick to their side of the deal. That means tools that are durable and precise. Tools that won't malfunction or give you an electric shock. Tools that have been designed with your safety, not sales margins, in mind.

So remember, when it's time to buy, you want to buy tools that you can use.  The best ones are professional tiling tools.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Let's Talk About Tile Tools For Professionals

Let's talk about tile tools for professionals. We know what you're thinking. A tile tool is a tile tool, right? Wrong.

There is a big difference between contractor grade tile tools and tools that you buy at a hardware store. And if you're going to do any tile projects, you want to make sure you have the best tools to work with.
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Why You Need Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Here's why you need contractor grade tile tools.  Tiling is a complex, labor-intensive and sometimes intimidating undertaking, but there's no need to run away before you've even dipped your toe in the water! With the right level of care, you'll be confidently laying pristine tiles in no time at all. However, there's one extremely important rule that you need to internalize from the very beginning. It is ESSENTIAL that you have the best possible tools at your disposal.

We've all been there. Money is tight and you need to buy a heap of other stuff for around the house. The last thing you want to do is pay top dollar for a piece of hardware, especially as there's that perfectly snazzy-looking set of tools on sale in the store across the street for a quarter of the price! With tile tools (and all building tools, for that matter), you get what you pay for. Here are some compelling reasons to do yourself a favor and only buy contractor grade tile tools.

Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools: Time is of the Essence

Speed is one reason to buy tile tools online.  Whether you're a professional tiler or just an everyday Joe embarking on some DIY in the house, time is of the essence. If you're a pro, you likely get paid by the job and will want to work on as many projects as you can without being held back by, for example, a cutter lacking in accuracy and power. If tiling is not your day job then you're no doubt giving up your precious weekends and evenings to get this tiling job done. Wouldn't you rather finish the floor in the morning and get to hang out with your family in the afternoon? Results Even more important than speed, how about the quality of the finished work? Tile tools designed for professionals are the only way to go if you want to avoid that unnecessarily chipped tile or overlapped mess on the wall.

Contractor grade tiling tools put their garden-variety counterparts in the shade when it comes down to the most important features such as durability and strength. Because of their precision, they also allow you to work with decorative tiles, without fear of damaging them. Messing up while tiling is no small matter. The slightest error could lead to you not getting paid for the job or, worse, encountering a very angry spouse. It's simply not worth putting your trust in anything less than the best quality tools you can find. Don't say we didn't warn you.

So remember, you are paying for quality.  Buy contractor grade tile tools today.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Contractor Grade Tile Tools 101 (Conclusion)

There are several key advantages of using contractor grade tile tools.
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Contractor Grade Tile Tools: Their Benefits and Longevity

Contractor grade tile tools do provide some benefit beyond making sure you're getting that project done right. When you've packed them away after finishing the project, you'll know that they're still waiting for you to pull them back out and, if another DIY enthusiast happens to see them, they send the message that you care about getting the job done right the first time, every time. Your friends might even be a little bit jealous that you can actually afford those tools and have them ready to go when you've already done the tile floor in your kitchen and are thinking about tackling those worn-out tiles in your shower next.

As tempting as it might be to lend your professional grade tile tools out so your friends can try them, well, you probably are going to want them back so you can use them for other projects and that means being careful about exactly who you lend them to. When you're the one who handles most of the DIY projects around the house, you're doing work that would likely cost a lot of money if you hired contractors to do the same job.

That means you can actually have your house looking pretty nice and increase its value without pumping quite as much money into it. Is it really worth saving an extra few bucks by buying anything other than contractor grade tile tools when you're the one who is doing most of the work in a project that involves tiles? These are basically the tools you buy when you want the floor tiling look like it was professionally done with no jagged edges, overlapping tile or gaps in your floor. That means you're getting more of the satisfaction of knowing you did almost as good as a contractor might have.
The right source for your tile tools will also have decorative tile touches as well.

Professional Grade Tile Tools: Some Final Thoughts

There is a difference between regular tools and those that are contractor grade tile tools. Professional grade tile tools are durable, as we covered previously, and their initial cost is offset by the fact that you only have to buy the tool once for years or even decades of use. Ultimately, consider the tools that you buy and use as investments. So what do you want to invest in? A tool that will fall apart, or contractor grade tile tools that have no shelf-life?

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