Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Let's Talk About Tile Tools For Professionals (Contd.)

There are several reasons to buy contractor grade tile tools.  One of the best ones is you get more value for your money.  

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Contractor Grade Tile Tools Are Both Safe and Valuable 

Contractor grade tile tools offer much better value for the money than any cheaper alternatives. Why? Ok, the initial outlay is bigger and it will seem like a lot to pay up in one go, but there are other important factors to consider. Consider your purchase as an investment.

As we've already discussed,better tools will give you better results in a fraction of the time. If tiling is your profession, this increases your earning potential significantly. More projects and better quality work will lead to the additional investment in professional grade tile tools paying for themselves in no time. Then there's the small issue of resale value. Professional quality tools maintain a much higher value for longer durations of time should you choose to sell. If you buy your kit with the specific purpose of tiling parts of your home, you may well reach the point where you decide to cash in and sell it second hand. You'll struggle to even give away a rusty and tattered cheap set of tile tools, but a well maintained, contractor grade set of equipment will work like new for many years and also command a high price when you decide to part company with it. 

Safety: Another Reason for Professional Tile Tools

Last, but certainly not least, tile tools for professionals are far safer to use than anything you could buy down the local garden center.   They are also high quality items, like porcelain blades, saws, and other tools that you could use for a project.

One of the best ways to buy tile tools is online.   Whether you use tile tools on a daily basis or just for DIY work, losing a finger is always going to ruin your afternoon. Of course, you can't just rely on your tools to stay safe. You could use the most expensive tools in the world and still injure yourself if you decided to down a bottle of whisky before getting started. Assuming, however, that you work in a careful and sensible manner, you need your tools to stick to their side of the deal. That means tools that are durable and precise. Tools that won't malfunction or give you an electric shock. Tools that have been designed with your safety, not sales margins, in mind.

So remember, when it's time to buy, you want to buy tools that you can use.  The best ones are professional tiling tools.


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