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Tile Restoration: What You Need to Know and What You Need to Get

Tile restoration is a great idea and much better than the normal idea of what to do with older tile.

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Why Tile Restoration Matters

For one thing, tile restoration is a lot more eco-friendly.  We live in a society that when something gets older or worn we are ready to throw it out and go out to get the latest style to replace it.

All the tile, grout and what not that you take out doesn't get recycled.  It ends up in a landfill somewhere.  Start with tile restoration tools and go from there.

If environmental concerns weren't enough, the next reason you should consider tile restoration is the simple matter of cost.  Tile restoration is about 70% cheaper than replacing your tile.  One thing to keep in mind is that new does not always mean better, and if very rarely means cheaper. It is important to know the difference between something that is new and if the product is of the best quality. Many products that are older are actually made with much better quality.

It used to be that companies would build products that would last, but eventually they realized the longer their products lasted the less likely the customer would be to return to purchase more. Eventually businesses realized that it was better for their business to make a quality product that had a specified lifespan. These items also tended to be more cost effective to create. This means that keeping certain items in your household and repairing, cleaning, or restoring them will be much more cost effective in the long run that it would be to replace them with a new product. There are many reasons for why restoration is a better option than replacement.

Reasons to Do Tile Restoration

Here are a few reasons why: Just like clothing the style of home d├ęcor can change over the years and with the seasons. Take a look at homes from a few decades ago. It was extremely popular to have pastel colored tiles throughout your bathroom. That is no longer the style; it is larger neutral colored tile. This means that should you want to replace the tiles, but remain with the same style it could pose quite a challenge to do that. Many people like the classic look of the home, and want to keep it true to the style.

You want to make sure you also use the right tools.  You want professional grade tile tools.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tiling and Tile Tools: An In-depth Look at Professional Tile Tools (Conclusion)

When you're selecting tile tools for a project, there is a lot of information you need to have before you buy them.

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Things to Know Before you Buy Professional Tile Tools

For example, when you are debating which power tile saw to purchase, you need to consider how many watts it operates at. A power saw with a high wattage will generally cut tougher tiles more efficiently, with little to no wasted material. The table size also should be considered.

If you need to work with larger tile sizes, you will need a tile saw that has a larger table. You need to make sure the table can support both cutting edges of the tile.

It should also feature things such as a diamond blade, a hydro cooling tank for the blade, a waterproof mode, a blade guard, and an adjustable guide fence. Every tool for the job, even the simplest things such as knee-pads, need to be objectively examined with a critical eye for detail.

Cheap knee pads can prove to be uncomfortable over time, or fray over time, whereas professional quality knee pads will keep your knees from aching during the long process of laying down tiles.

Avoid Bad Tile Tools, Only Buy Professional Quality Tile Tools

If you visit any forum board for contractors in the tiling business, you will see many complaints about specific brands. We won’t list any of the specific brands complained about, but complaints range from things such as tiles breaking while cutting, messy edges, or the blades actually breaking. Even if you aren’t a professional tiler, and you are embarking on a “do it yourself” project in your own home, it is still vastly important that you choose high quality tools.

If you use cheap tools, you will get an amateur looking finish. You will likely want to hire a professional contractor to come in later and repair any damages, which will cost you probably the same amount of just buying professional tile tools in the first place.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that you not only get the best results for your tiling project, your process is sound as well.  So remember, Benjamin Franklin once said: "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  Write down a list of things you're going to need for your tiling project.

Tile? Check.  Grout?  Check.  Measuring tape?  Check.  Measurements of the area?  Check.  And most of all?  Only buy contractor grade tile tools.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tiling and Tile Tools: An In-depth Look at Professional Tile Tools (Contd.)

Contractor grade tile tools are not just meant for ceramic or porcelain tile. They can also be used on natural stone tile as well.

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Why Should You Get Contractor Grade Tile Tools?

The right tile tools, such as the tile tools used by professionals can make all the difference between success and failure.  Imagine that you need to cut through stone. Would you choose a butter knife to perform the task? That is exactly the sort of endeavor you are undertaking when you choose to work with low quality tiling tools.

You need tiling saws with extraordinarily sharp and durable blades, that won’t give up on you halfway through a cutting job. Using contractor grade tiling tools will also save you money down the road. Besides needing to replace low quality tools after a few uses, you will also find that tiles may come out messy or uneven. You may need to make several trips to the hardware store to purchase more tiles, or show up to a job with more tiles than you really need, to have spare tiles in case of a project going south.

Perfect Cuts: Another Reason to Get Professional Tile Tools

With professional tile tools, you can be assured that every tile will come out perfectly cut, and no materials will be wasted. Tiling is a meticulous, time-consuming job and you are usually billing your client by the work hour or day. If you take extra time because of low quality tools, your customer will likely notice, and find a contractor who can complete the job in a shorter amount of time. Here’s a list of the types of tile materials you will typically work with:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Metal 
Some of these materials are harder to cut than others. Most contractors generally agree that stone and porcelain tile are the most difficult to work with, and they require only the very best high quality tile tools if you intend on accurately cutting through them, without any mistakes. In the case of porcelain it can shatter fairly easily.

There are also a number of tile tools you may need to work with. Not every job can be completed with a wet saw and wax pencil. All of the tile tools you can choose from have an intended purpose, and trying to save money by opting for lower quality brands will only make your job more difficult.

So remember, start with the right tools.  Get contractor grade tile tools today.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tiling and Tile Tools: An In-depth Look at Professional Tile Tools

Professional grade tile tools will help you regardless of the sort of tiling project you have got planned. Fist, let's start with the basics. What is tiling?

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Get Contractor Grade Tile Tools

We normally write about contractor grade tile tools. It may sound silly to define tiling. Unless someone has been living in a cave, or a hut with a dirt floor their whole life, they've probably seen tile somewhere, but still it is good to have a working definition.

Officially speaking, tiling is a way of fitting shapes together so that no overlaps or gaps exist. The tiles will fit perfectly together, usually in patterns. To make patterns, you need some sort of contractor grade tile tool such as a tile saw.

There are a few types of tiling jobs, which typically refer to the pattern or style the shapes will be placed together. For these patterns, you'll likely need tile setting tools.

Tiling Projects and Tile Shapes

These tile shapes include but are not limited to; · Tessellation: A shape that is repeated ad infinitum. In order to be considered tessellation, regular polygons must be used. A regular polygon is a shape that has 3 or 4 sides of equal length, so only triangles, squares and hexagons can be used in tessellation. · Rep-Tiling: This means “replicating tiling”, and it basically refers to a shape that can be dissected into smaller versions of the same shape. For example, a triangle that can be cut into 4 smaller triangles, then fitted together to create the one large triangle. · Penrose Tiling: An extremely difficult method of tiling named after Roger Penrose, a mathematician and physicist who discovered it. It’s fairly difficult to describe Penrose tiling in simple terms, but the easiest way to describe it would be an exhibition of fivefold rotational symmetry, and also reflection symmetry.  Contractor grade tile tools can make these patterns a breeze

The tile tools chosen to complete these tiling jobs are vastly important and special care should be taken to select only the very best, high quality tile tools available. If you bring a cheap wet saw from the local hardware store to attempt a job that uses hard porcelain tiles, you may find that your equipment breaks or simply will not cut through the extremely hard material. The size of the tiles you are cutting also need to be taken into considering. Perhaps your tile cutter can handle 14x14 or perhaps 24x24, but what if your job requires tiles that are 32x32? It is important to have multiple tools for the job, and they should be of the best quality available, to save yourself any possible trouble during the job.

So remember, it is up to you.  Your tiling project can end in regret, or it can be a triumph.  To turn your home into a showpiece, start with contractor grade tile tools.  

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