Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tiling and Tile Tools: An In-depth Look at Professional Tile Tools

Professional grade tile tools will help you regardless of the sort of tiling project you have got planned. Fist, let's start with the basics. What is tiling?

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We normally write about contractor grade tile tools. It may sound silly to define tiling. Unless someone has been living in a cave, or a hut with a dirt floor their whole life, they've probably seen tile somewhere, but still it is good to have a working definition.

Officially speaking, tiling is a way of fitting shapes together so that no overlaps or gaps exist. The tiles will fit perfectly together, usually in patterns. To make patterns, you need some sort of contractor grade tile tool such as a tile saw.

There are a few types of tiling jobs, which typically refer to the pattern or style the shapes will be placed together. For these patterns, you'll likely need tile setting tools.

Tiling Projects and Tile Shapes

These tile shapes include but are not limited to; · Tessellation: A shape that is repeated ad infinitum. In order to be considered tessellation, regular polygons must be used. A regular polygon is a shape that has 3 or 4 sides of equal length, so only triangles, squares and hexagons can be used in tessellation. · Rep-Tiling: This means “replicating tiling”, and it basically refers to a shape that can be dissected into smaller versions of the same shape. For example, a triangle that can be cut into 4 smaller triangles, then fitted together to create the one large triangle. · Penrose Tiling: An extremely difficult method of tiling named after Roger Penrose, a mathematician and physicist who discovered it. It’s fairly difficult to describe Penrose tiling in simple terms, but the easiest way to describe it would be an exhibition of fivefold rotational symmetry, and also reflection symmetry.  Contractor grade tile tools can make these patterns a breeze

The tile tools chosen to complete these tiling jobs are vastly important and special care should be taken to select only the very best, high quality tile tools available. If you bring a cheap wet saw from the local hardware store to attempt a job that uses hard porcelain tiles, you may find that your equipment breaks or simply will not cut through the extremely hard material. The size of the tiles you are cutting also need to be taken into considering. Perhaps your tile cutter can handle 14x14 or perhaps 24x24, but what if your job requires tiles that are 32x32? It is important to have multiple tools for the job, and they should be of the best quality available, to save yourself any possible trouble during the job.

So remember, it is up to you.  Your tiling project can end in regret, or it can be a triumph.  To turn your home into a showpiece, start with contractor grade tile tools.  

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