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Why You Should Buy Professional Grade Tile Tools (contd.)

Where tile tools are concerned, people are often tempted to go cheap to save money on their project. This is never a good idea.

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The Types of Tile Tools For Contractors

Continuing from our previous list, here are some more tools you'll need for your project, as well as reasons :

  1.  Tile Cutters and Nippers This is another popular set of professional grade tile tools. The tile cutters are very clean and sharp. They can cut through large and thick tiles, allowing you to get the desired tile size regardless of which type of material the tile is made of. They are excellent for quick cutting of floor tile, porcelain tile, and wall tile. Tile nippers work effectively to remove irregular shapes on the tiles, giving you a uniform shape. Below are a few advantages of professional grade tile tools.
  2. Easy to use professional grade tile tools are specially designed to make your tiling project easy, which enables you complete projects within a short period. They help you to produce attractive results and they are reliable, which helps save time. That is why all professional tile contractors recommend the use of these tools.
  3. Accurate and Precise. If handled in a professional way, these tools are accurate and precise. 

The Professional Difference: Get the Right Tile Tools 

a lot of professional grade tile tools are die cast and hardened, making them durable.  Think of a plumber's wrench for example.  Plumber's wrenches are die-cast, super tough and hard.  The same can be true for tile tools

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why You Should Buy Professional Grade Tile Tools

Why should you buy professional grade tile tools? In addition to the quality of materials you use, the key to successful completion of a tiling project solely depends on usage of the right tools...
A Professional Tile Project
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Professional Grade Tile Tools and Your Tiling Project

Whether you are installing new tiles in your house, remodeling the floor, or working on a big commercial tiling project, it’s vital that you have with you the right tile tools that can help you complete different type of jobs successfully. The right tile tools in this case are professional grade tile tools. You must be wondering why professional grade tile tools are different from the tools that you normally buy at your local hardware store. Well, they have been tested and proven strong, efficient, and reliable.

The Tile Tools That Contractors Use

All tiling contractors use these types of tile tools because they know what makes them different from other materials. To understand why these professional grade tile tools are the most effective in terms of quality and performance, this article will highlight a few of the best tile tools that are highly recommended by the pros in the tiling business.

Tile saws allow you to cut through large tiles and big format stones. The saw stone makes cutting easier with their heavy power electric motors, thus allowing you to easily cut through granite, large stone slabs, or other types of tile materials. The Handheld saws are used effectively for cutting stones, tiles, brick, fiber cement siding, concrete, tile backer board, and stucco & pavers. These saws will ease your work and get your job done with quality workmanship. Based on the type of tiling work you intend to do with the saws, it’s important that you choose the right tile saws and stone saws. Buy the right type of these tools and get your job done effectively. Tile & Stone Diamond Blades Tile and Stone Diamond Blades are essential for giving your tiles a crisp and cosmetic look. The diamond tools will help you achieve any type of look you want for your tiles. The diamond blades help you getting all your tile cutting tasks done quickly and efficiently.

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Tile Projects and Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Contractor grade tile tools are something you should definitely have before you begin any tile project.

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Tiling Projects and the Right Tile Tools

Tiles are manufactured pieces of hardened materials such as ceramic, metal, stone or glass that are used for covering roofs, floors, showers or walls. While square or rectangular tiles are the most common, tiles come in several different shapes and sizes. Therefore, they need to be trimmed and reduced into their respective sizes in order to fit a certain space. A tile cutter is the device that is used for tile trimming and re-sizing.

A tile cutter is invaluable for all tiling projects, but especially for do it yourself projects.  The first thing that you should do before you begin to put down any tile is to carefully measure the area that you wish to tile.  You always want to measure twice to make sure you have the right amount of tile, grout, thin-set and thick-set wherever applicable.  However, there are other things that you need to have as well, and it is fairly obvious if you think about it.  You need the right tile tools.

What are the Right Tile Tools?

What are the right tile tools? Tile projects vary. Some projects require more materials, tools and tiles than others. Tiling a guest bathroom is a different project than installing a tile back splash in the kitchen.  But a safe list of tools that you will likely need include a way of cutting the tiles, a trowel to spread any grout or thin/thick-set, and some cleaning materials as well.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you're prepared to do your tile project.  So take your  time, and make your list of everything you're going to need from tiles and grout all the way up to contractor grade tile tools.


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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tiling Projects and Professional Tile Tools

Any tiling project that you should do at home should only be attempted with the right combination of factors.  You should have the knowledge and experience to try it, the ability to follow specific instructions, and most importantly, the right tools for the job.  But what are the right tools?

Make Sure You Buy Only Professional Grade Tile Tools

Professional Grade Tile Tools: There is a Difference

One of the biggest pitfalls that people fall into when they attempt a tiling project is to go cheap.  They already spent a lot of money on the book they got from their home improvement center,  or maybe the DVD of tiling projects cost a fair amount of money as well.  So what do they do?  They decide to save money on the tile, the grout, and worst of all the tile tools that they're going to be using for the project in question.  

Why does scrimping on the tile tools and other materials cause such a problem?  Well, let's look at the tile and grout first.  If you buy cheap tile and grout, there is a good chance that it isn't heavy duty and it can be easily damaged or cracked.  As for tile tools themselves, some of the materials used in tiling projects are 'time-sensitive.'  Thin set is an excellent example.  What would happen if your mixture started to solidify before you were ready because your trowel broke during mid application, and yes that can really happen.  Some tile trowels are flimsy, just as other tile tools are concerned

Tiling Tools for Professionals

What's the fix for this problem?  Get professional grade tile tools.  Tiling professionals and other flooring contractors use slightly different tools than a normal consumer does.  They also have access to tools such as tile saws and other tile cutters.  Why professional grade tile tools are the ones you should go for is simple.  They will last you job after job, year after year, and are worth the cost. 

Are professional grade tile tools more expensive.  Depends on how you look at it.  Some tools cost a bit more, but when you look at the idea of having to buy tools constantly, you end up actually spending more money on replacing your tools each time than you would have with professional grade tile tools. 
So remember, the right tools make all the difference in a project.  So for your tiling project, whatever it may be, make sure you get professional grade tile tools.