Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tile Projects and Contractor Grade Tile Tools

Contractor grade tile tools are something you should definitely have before you begin any tile project.

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Tiling Projects and the Right Tile Tools

Tiles are manufactured pieces of hardened materials such as ceramic, metal, stone or glass that are used for covering roofs, floors, showers or walls. While square or rectangular tiles are the most common, tiles come in several different shapes and sizes. Therefore, they need to be trimmed and reduced into their respective sizes in order to fit a certain space. A tile cutter is the device that is used for tile trimming and re-sizing.

A tile cutter is invaluable for all tiling projects, but especially for do it yourself projects.  The first thing that you should do before you begin to put down any tile is to carefully measure the area that you wish to tile.  You always want to measure twice to make sure you have the right amount of tile, grout, thin-set and thick-set wherever applicable.  However, there are other things that you need to have as well, and it is fairly obvious if you think about it.  You need the right tile tools.

What are the Right Tile Tools?

What are the right tile tools? Tile projects vary. Some projects require more materials, tools and tiles than others. Tiling a guest bathroom is a different project than installing a tile back splash in the kitchen.  But a safe list of tools that you will likely need include a way of cutting the tiles, a trowel to spread any grout or thin/thick-set, and some cleaning materials as well.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you're prepared to do your tile project.  So take your  time, and make your list of everything you're going to need from tiles and grout all the way up to contractor grade tile tools.


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