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Why Contractor Grade Tile Tools Are Worth It

Why are contractor grade tile tools so important? Well, it's all in the sort of job that you want done regarding your tiling project, even if you are doing it on your own.
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Tile Projects and Professional Grade Tile Tools

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from taking care of a home renovation project on your own. It’s not just about saving money by circumventing the need to hire a contractor: it’s also about the independence of being able to take control of your own home. If you’ve got the know-how and the tile tools at your disposal, you can turn a home repair or renovation into a fulfilling and rewarding personal project. If you’ve ever taken on one of the projects, you know you know how important the tools that you use for the project are.

If you’re re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen, you can save a little money by getting low level consumer-grade tools, but you’re actually better off spending some of the money you save doing it yourself on professional, contractor-grade tile tools. This will ensure that the work is done precisely and effectively, and you won’t need to redo the work earlier than necessary. If you think about the kinds of tile tools you’ll be using to re-tile your bathroom or kitchen, in each case it becomes obvious why going for contractor-grade is the right choice for the job. Not only will the finished work look better and last longer, contractor-grade tile tools also tend to resist wear and tear much better than their low end counterparts, allowing you to use them for many years.

Tile Cutters and Tiling Projects: A Beginner's Guide

The foundation of any tiling job is the tile cutter. The quality of tile cutter that you have will determine the quality of the lines you cut, and the speed at which you can get through the work. A contractor-grade tile cutter will make accurate and straight cuts, ensuring that your tiles fit well into the scheme. The high-quality blades that professional tile cutters sport will also break far fewer tiles—some consumer-grade cutters will break as many 90% of tiles of certain materials!

That means you’ll be able to work through the tiling project more quickly, finishing the project sooner and saving money on materials. So remember, even if you're doing it yourself, you want your tiling project to look like it was done by a professional contractor. The best way to accomplish this? Buy contractor grade tile tools.

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