Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why Contractor Grade Tile Tools are Worth It (Conclusion)

There are some final reasons to consider contractor grade tile tools.  

Professional Grade Tile Tools Include Items
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Professional Grade Tile Tools May Help You Avoid Injuries

A contractor who uses professional grade tile tools knows that their body is their livelihood, and so the decision to spend money on tools to keep it working and intact is a no-brainer. But your body is no less important to the life you live! These tools will come in handy for almost all home improvement projects, and, if you use them right, you’re certain to have many more to come.

A simple pair of kneepads can make the job much easier, as well as have you working faster because you need fewer breaks. The contractor-grade versions of these will be much less likely to irritate your skin, and will last far longer. But there’s even a step up from there: since you’ll be working on a hard surface, a rolling knee board makes perfect sense. This will protect your knees and increase the rate at which you’re able to work. The cream of the crop even includes chest support, so you can lean over your grouting work without taking the life out of your back. 

Contractor Grade Tile Tools: Hand in Glove

You’re almost certain to already have a favorite pair of gloves in a drawer somewhere. If they’re already contractor-grade, then great, you should keep using them. But if you just picked them up out of the bargain bin and have since grown attached to them, consider upgrading. A good pair of work gloves will be well-insulated without making your hands too sweaty, and will be durable without sacrificing too much dexterity. It’s always a game of give and take, but contractor grade tools take advantage of the latest scientific research to get you the best of both worlds. As always, what seem like small advantages for the high-end actually go a long way toward saving you time and money on this project, and for many projects in the future.

You already know the value of putting your own work into a project, and you’re well aware that sometimes you have to pay a little more to get the quality you need in a project. Yet if you think all of this and you’re still settling for consumer-grade tools, you’re cheating yourself. In almost every phase of the tiling process, spending a little more money on the tools you use will save you time, materials, and even your own health, and you’ll be able to carry them forward into future projects and reap the same benefits again and again.

So remember there is a difference between tools.  There are bargain tools and contractor grade tile tools.  

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