Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tile Installation Tips: Install your Tile Flat

Here is an important tile installation tip. Make sure that your tile is flat. Why? Trip hazards for one, as well as tile that is too high or too low will look dilapidated.

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Here is a supporting tile installation tip from the Floor Elf: "I constantly reiterate the need for a tile installation to be flat. Not necessarily level, but always flat. This is the mark of a true professional and the thing that turns an ‘okay’ installation into a spectacular installation. (Did I just type ‘spectacular? Jesus…) Anyway, the method I use on floor tile to get it flat is fairly simple and ensures that each tile is the exact same height as the tiles surrounding it. Before I show you that you need to understand, as always, that the substrate preparation is the most important aspect of this. If your tile substrate looks like a skate park you’re never going to get a flat tile installation over the top of it. Your substrate needs to be as flat as you can possibly get it. Take time with your preparation – it makes the rest of the installation run smoothly and gives you a solid foundation. Start by getting a few tiles set and make sure they are all flat with your straight-edge, just place the straight-edge on top of the set tiles and ensure that there are no open spaces beneath it and that every tile is the same height. You can push down on tiles that may be a bit high or take a tile up and place a little more thinset beneath it to raise it some. Once you have that correct the rest is cake, baby! (You ever seen a cake baby? They’re messy…) All these photos are of a travertine tile bathroom floor. I used travertine photos because it happens to be one of the least dense stones and usually have quite a few pits and open spaces in the stone itself. If the tile is ‘filled’ travertine, as this is, it is normally only filled from the front so that, once installed, it has no open areas or pits on the face of the tile. [READ SOURCE ARTICLE]

The next thing you want to realize is that while the tile type you're working with is important, so are your tile tools.  Only buy contractor tile tools.  But where can you get such things?

Where Can I Buy Contractor Grade Tile Tools?

Where can you buy contractor grade tile tools? While you may be able to find a tool supplier in your town, unless you live in a major metropolitan area, you might run into some difficulties. A great place to buy tile tools is online.

A good online supplier will have both tile tools as well as grout.  So remember, start with your tiles.  Only get professional grade tile tools.

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