Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Tile Tools That You Can Buy Online

Professional grade tile tools used to only be available from a tile supply wholesaler.  Nowadays, however, they are available online as well.  

There are various tile tools available but it mainly depends on the kind and size of the tiles you are installing. It’s no fun to start your tiling project by cobbling together sub-standard tiling tools or trying to "make do" with tools that aren't really made for tiling, you need to be well versed with knowledge to have quality work. Learning about the tools available can help make the decision easier.

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Types of Tile Tools Available

Tile scriber
Made from a hard carbide and tungsten tip, the tool is used to score on the glazed surface of the tile so as to make it easier for the selected part of tile to be broken off, usually along the line.
The scriber has to be used alongside a straight edge to make sure that cut made is straight. 

Tile cutter 
A tile cutter comes in handy when cutting many tiles and you want to cut them in a straight line. The tool will allow you to cut the tiles in various designs, but the more common type of a tile cutter incorporates a wheel, which is dragged across and a breaking arm, which you will push downwards after pulling the scribe wheel across to break the tile. 
Once you get used to the tile cutter you will be able to work faster and you will also find it easier to use it than a tile scriber.

Tile Saws: Power and Manual

Tile power saw 
The tile saw is another tool that you can use to cut large numbers of tile and in a straight line; it is especially useful when cutting those hard, thick and tough tile, like the floor tiles. The power saw comes along with an inbuilt water system that is used to cool the blade while it cutting the tile, on the other hand it also makes it messy.

Tile hand saw
Used for cutting irregular shapes, it has little noticeable difference from a common has a flame that is used to hold end, the distance between the blade and the hold end frame is usually larger than a common hacksaw reason being to provide more space for cutting large tiles .but they also so special saws which have rounded sections which have blades on all sides.

Ultimately, you want to find the tools that not only can you use, but the ones that are of good quality.  A lot of times, people try to save money by buying cheap tools only to find that they have to pay more when they damage a tile or break the tool that they bought.  So do it right the first time. You should only buy contractor grade tile tools whenever possible.  


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